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Mixed Reciprocating Blade 10 Pc

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Triton Recip Saw Blade 10 Pc Set 465874

Reciprocating saw blade set of 150 & 240mm.

A set of the most popular size blades for cutting both wood & metals.

Set Include 3 x TT922AF

4 x TT644D, 3 x TT1531L

Universal 1/2" Shank.

TT922AF  Bi-Metal  225x19x0.9mm  24 Teeth per inch. Cuts thin sheet metal, Fine pipes/profiles. Effortless, fine cutting.

TT644D HCS Wood  150x19x1.25mm 6 Teeth per inch, Cuts construction timbers, wooden panels, MDF Plywood, chipboard and plastics.

S1531L HCS Woods 240x19x1.25  5 Teeth per inch. Cuts Coarse wood, Green woods i.e Tree cutting and pruning.