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Unibond Trade Fusion XLT Premium Meko Free

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Unibond Trade Fusion XLT Premium Meko Free

Introducing FUSIONXLT from Henkel. An innovative, oxime-free, neutral curing technology which provides an all-in-one solution for most sealing tasks. Acclaimed for its unparallelled application properties, it provides a strong, durable seal in most construction joints.


  • Pure, low modulus neutral curing silicone
  • Oxime and MEKO free
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Excellent UV, weather and ageing resistance
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • 25% movement capability
  • Fast curing: 3mm/day
  • No residual tack
  • Excellent application and tooling
  • Contains a fungicide
  • All types of construction, perimeter and expansion joints. (Also when there is a risk of mould developing facades which are north-facing, in the shade, exposed to damp, etc.)
  • Perimeter sealing of uPVC doors, windows and conservatories
  • Glazing (weather sealing, flexible jointing), including glazing of  insulating glass units (Avoid contact with secondary seal)
  • Sanitary joints: baths, wash basins, showers, kitchens
  • Tiling joints
  • Controlled atmosphere rooms (refrigerated, clean rooms, etc.)
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducting
  • Excellent primerless adhesion to most construction substrates, including synthetic and porous materials such as concrete, brick (glazed and unglazed), glass, tiles, ceramics, anodised and powder coated aluminium, steel, stainless steel, wood, treated wood, polyester, polycarbonate, PVC




Limitation of use and shelf life refer to corresponding data sheets below.